Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Act of Valor

As I posted over on Bob's site:

I caught it on Friday evening. My initial reaction was similar to yours. “Those guys are NOT good actors” was the thought through my head. And for anyone who might be confused by that statement, it’s a compliment to the cast. They acted like men in those situations would act, not in some surreal, overly dramatic, phony fashion.
The action was good, it did not let down. As you say, there were a few times where they’d call ‘frag out’ and then I’d have to ask myself if they happened to lob the frag beneath an oil tank, or something to that effect. HE grenades don’t pack the punch some of those bad boys did. Except of course ‘THE GRENADE’ toward the end. That one was highly realistic.
Overall I think it was well written, and well executed. If you’re looking for something with twists and turns in the plot to keep you guessing as to what’s going to happen, this (intentionally) doesn’t have it. It is far more realistic and simplistic in the delivery. And it delivers a quality story, with main characters that are human, have depth, have relationships with one another which impact their actions, and have a very clear, very strong moral compass. These are people who you can easily grow to admire and respect during the course of the movie.
I really can't express the sense with which I left that theater.  There was an overwhelming sense of humility, to know that there are those who serve in such a way, and have such towering character.  there was also a sense of pride, to live in a country where such great men serve.  There was also a sense of loss for so many who have made that sacrifice, and there was a sense of hope, for how many there are who continue to step up to "go downrange."