Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Theif or Victim to blame?


Alan is exactly right.  The blame for guns being stolen lies with no one but the criminal performing the act of theft.  That would be like saying someone who had their car stolen is to blame for not putting their car in a safe.  Someone who had their jewelery stolen is to blame for not wearing all of their jewelery all the time.  This makes no logical sense whatsoever.  
Anytime you hear anyone suggest that there is any fault whatsoever with a gun owner for a theft of their weapon, remind them of the first rules of logic, and direct them to understanding that the victim is the victim, and the criminal is the criminal, not the other way around.

Bear in mind this is Australia, and their numbers are different than ours.  Specifically they are more alarming, and look worse.  And that's with the excess rules, laws, and regulations regarding firearms ownership.  

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