Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cranky Chick - Writes to Joan


I found her open letter from Weer'd and fell in love with it.  She expresses very precisely what is on all of our minds. 
She understands personal responsibility and true freedom far better than Joan could ever hope to grasp those elements of society.


  1. Cranky Chic did good. The thing that makes me crazy about these people is that they could careless about the "victim". I understand being passionate about what you believe, but how do you base an entire campaign on compassion and then wiling harm someone who has already been victimized? As much as I dislike this woman and her cause, if she were a victim of voiance, I would be the first one to fight for her. How said that the people who defend her right to be a complete moron are the ones she chooses to attack.

  2. It truly boggles the mind. It's so clearly hypocritical, you know they HAVE to understand that it is. If not, it's a level of ignorance which is downright frightening.
    Or it's willful ignorance.