Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Supporting Starbucks


I won't allow this link to be clicked to send you on to the opposition.  I don't want them getting 'hits' from me.  However, if you copy and paste that into your web browser, you can see why I'm choosing to support Starbucks.  They have the anti-rights crowd's panties in a twist.
Essentially they have decided to not ban firearms, and rather are simply following the state regulations on weapons.  They are choosing to stay neutral, and not infringe on anyone's rights, on either side.  They aren't forcing people to carry weapons into their establishments, nor are they preventing it.
Therefore, I will be visiting a Starbucks on 2/14/2012, somewhere in South-Western PA, spending my hard-earned money with them.  I would encourage all of my friends to do the same as well.

On the frustratingly-humorous side, check out this quote about a Glock:
It shot 31 bullets in 15 seconds, killed 6, and injured 14.
So, of course, the gun shot itself that often.  Not the person who pulled the trigger.  The gun chose to go commit the crime, not the criminal.  And the people were defenseless against an inanimate object.  If you listen to their arguments, you'd believe that guns were NOT inanimate objects, but beings with minds of their own, able to kill of their own volition.


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