Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hermain Cain - Presidential Material?


I know my readers are intelligent enough to find this video if they are motivated to do so, I do not want a direct link from my blog to her. 
I'm listening to a broadcast by Rachel Maddow on MSNBC in which she is viciously attacking Herman Cain.  Her problems with him include being associated with Americans for Prosperity, seeing a disproportionate number of times he encounters the number 45 in his day to day life, and some other random things.  
In short, he notices a number appearing more often than others, so she calls him a numerologist, and compares him to Nancy Regan controlling President Regan's schedule based on astrological readings, saying that he is associated with the Koch brothers, and that he thinks David Koch is a patriot makes him crazy. 
But the most delicious bit of irony is when she said:
"Herman Cain was one of the public faces of Prosperity 101.  It is a workplace seminar program that business use to educate their employees about the dangers of things like health reform, and taxes on millionaires, and regulations on businesses.  So your boss tells you to sit through this lecture, you sit through the lecture, message received, your boss essentially just told you how to vote.  In other words this Prosperity 101 thing is another the Koch brothers are funding a means by which businesses can get their way politically.  Intimidate your employees into voting for your bosses interests too."

Emphasis mine above.  The irony is that this is exactly what the unions do.  They force their employees to attend 'educational' events which attempt to brainwash them to voting for the left.  They go so far as to make threats, and want to have a voter card for union members.  The unions take this concept to extremes which are inhumane and anti-liberty.  Yet an independent organization  which attempts to educate people about reality is touted as intimidation?  
Rachel, you really are living in your own fantasy world.  You need to either wake up and join the rest of society, or get off your soap box: You make yourself sound more and more unintelligent and uneducated every time your trap opens.

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