Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Privatization Report!


Finally, a report on the privatization of the sales of alcohol in PA.  This is one of the best things possible for the state to do at this point.  The profits of the PLCB have been in decline recently, and their overhead and government-style control have been having nothing but negative effects on the process.
We've needed this for a long time, and it's finally being taken seriously.
One thing I have to laugh about are the unions, touting their usual ignorance and anti-freedom propaganda.  For instance:
Mr. Young also argued that the report all but ignores the negative impact that privatization, which could eliminate up to 5,000 state jobs, would have on the state's economy.
Mr Young clearly either is biased and WANTS government control, or he is a clueless buffoon who doesn't grasp simple math. 
The report suggests selling off 1,500 licenses, which in Philadelphia would quadruple the number of retail outlets from the current 55 stores to 219.
So, to quadruple (or in the case of the Pittsburgh area, only double) the number of licenses, means that many more stores.  If we quadruple around the state, and the stores all higher a 1-1, that's 20,000, if we only double, that's 10,000 jobs.  So, splitting the difference, we're looking at  possibly 15,000 jobs.  Now that's not a scientific calculation, it's just simple logic. 

Mr. Young, if you are sincere in your concern about jobs for the people, why don't you support an idea which will provide jobs for 3 times as many jobs as there currently are?  I challenge you to stand for jobs and economic growth, and do the right thing, rather than selfishly fighting to keep only a few jobs for just your closest friends!

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