Tuesday, June 7, 2011

1770's Revisited


Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle of PJTV discuss a rather profound question:
"Is this what it was like in the 1770s when the men we call The Founders were debating the principles of liberty and organizing the separation of themselves and their colonies from oppressive English rule?  To survive, will liberty have to make a similar break from the increasingly oppressive American rule?"

Bill makes a statement (approx 2:00) indicating that he finally understands the pain involved in deciding to break away from one's government.  He makes a very valid point that we are approaching the point where we need to either refresh the principles on which our nation was founded, or abandon them.

What are your thoughts?  What will it take for us to have freedom once again in this nation?

When the United States of America was founded, the idea of keeping the government was small, giving liberty and responsibility to the people was common sense, and people understood that they had to work for what they wanted.  However, as it has been said in various generations, by various individuals, and with various subtle differences, "When the populace realizes that they are able to vote themselves money and entitlements, the nation will cease to be free, and will cease to be wealthy.  It will collapse fiscally, and a dictatorship will follow."

Today, we can see that mindset in the voting.  The politicians winning the votes are the politicians making the most grand promises of what will be given to his constituents.  The problem encountered when people challenge the size of the government is oft waived aside by the very people who want it to grow larger, and have greater control.  The weak continue to seek provision from the government, rather than finding the means to provide for themselves.  The government grows ever larger to feed the lazy and weak, perpetuating the cycle.  Only two options remain open when this becomes the norm:  Return to the days of yore, forcing the government to reduce it's spending, eliminating programs, cutting taxes, and restoring liberty to the citizenry; or embracing this new idea, that the government is to provide, and spend until there is nothing left, and the nation is left destitute, and a dictator steps in to take control of the crippled land.

Which future would you want to see for America?

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