Thursday, June 9, 2011

The U.N. is Attempting to Take Our Freedoms....Again


While there are reasons for our nation to engage in treaties with other nations, and to work together in the global community to strive for common goals, we should remind our leaders that their FIRST, most important duty is to the citizens of this nation.  

There is overwhelming evidence which indicates that gun control fails it's stated intent every time it is enacted.  This ranges from states with tough gun laws (California New Jersey, Massachusetts, and others come to mind), to other nations with histories of failed attempts (UK, Canada - Page 4 and others).  To suppose otherwise is to ignore the warnings of history, and to create an environment to experience the same failures.

The worst case scenario is another Nazi Germany (specifically pages 8-10) type removal of weapons from private citizens, which will then leave then vulnerable to an evil regime intent on doing far more than limiting their freedoms.  The best case scenario is that we allow our God-given freedoms to be revoked by a corrupt authority structure of man, and give up the right to defend ourselves and our loved ones from harm, as well as our property and livelihood. 

While we are yet unable to see the language in the treaty (which alone is of great concern, and begs the question, "What about transparency?"), we can make educated guesses as to what will be contained within it.  There are the obvious restrictions and steps along the path to complete regulation and disarmament.  It may not include wholesale action yet, but it will most certainly be laying the groundwork for it.

Any time an organization from outside a sovereign nation attempts to dictate policy within that nation, one has to consider the motivations behind the action.  The UN has never been a friend of the US, despite our being the largest fiscal member, providing more resources than any other nation.  They constantly push for legislation which goes against the very nature of a free people, the kind of people who built this nation.

My hope is that we will all watch this closely, and when the time comes to reach out to our senators, we do so in overwhelming numbers, demonstrating to them that their constituents are watching, and we DO know what 'We the People' of this great land want and expect in our leadership.

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