Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hypocrisy on the Left

The left has long accused the right of being hypocrites, being filled with hate, tending toward violence, and the like.  However, during the Tea Parties last year, which are arguably the most right-wing gatherings we've seen in this nation's history, the violence tended to come from liberals showing up with violence in mind.  

The left is filled with hateful language, violent behavior, and repeated attempts to distort truth with lies.  Name-calling, insulting, demeaning, and other forms of verbal assault are commonplace on their side, yet when even one person from the right slips in a moment of frustration and says one demeaning thing, there is a media blitz to condemn the behavior as deplorable.  While frustration does not excuse that behavior, the double standard of the left is laughable.  

The latest example is a union thug comparing Chris Christie to Adolph Hitler.  Anyone who has studied history, much less lived under the rule of Hitler, understands that he was a man of pure evil, who did not treat humans equally or respectfully, had a disdain for liberty, and disregard for human life.  His actions are beyond the realm of most men to grasp happening, let alone the behavior and mind of the person who would do such things.  Yet, the left has compared so many people on the right to Hitler.  The most ironic part of it is that Hitler's behavior was closer in motivation to the left than the right!  His removing rights from citizen, killing innocent people, and the like are socialistic in nature.  Today, the left seeks to revoke freedoms, encourages and funds murder of innocents, and the list goes on.  

Yet we do not see signs or read stories comparing anyone on the left to the person who is arguably the most evil in recent history.  Because as much as we disagree with our opposition, we do not stoop to that level, nor do we resort to name calling.  That is the behavior of the insecure, and the man who understands that his arguments are indefensible.  

And please, throwing glitter on a man?  That's no only disrespectful, that comes dangerously close to assault.  

Be careful the ground you tread, as your actions speak far more loudly than your words. 

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