Friday, August 5, 2011

Jumping at Shadows


Most of you, by now, have heard about this incident.  Back in 2007 there was a mass shooting at the school.  While that was a sad, and even unfortunate incident, it has had the effect of making people at the school jumpy and afraid.  Rather than encouraging the students, faculty, and others to be aware of their situation, and prepared to handle it, they are skittish.  One person, who saw something they weren't even certain about having seen, led to a lock-down of the school, a massive amount of expense to the school, local tax payers, and emergency responders.  This comes with the additional side-effect of putting many officers into play in a non-issue, and leaving other areas un-patrolled, and reducing the response time to any other issue.  
In what world does it make sense for the masses to live in perpetual fear?  In what world does it make sense for people to blindly rely on the reactions of someone else to save their lives?  But most importantly, in what world is it the business of one person what any other person is or is not carrying on their person?  If you are worried about someone else carrying a weapon, train yourself in their use, and be prepared to do something about it yourself.  Otherwise, shut your mouth, stop whining like a nitwit, and leave the rest of us to live our lives the way we want.

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