Sunday, August 14, 2011

One Down...


Tim Pawlenty dropped out of the GOP primary race this morning.  Michelle's win in the Ames Straw Poll seems to have been a sever blow against his campaign.  He was initially hoping to show growth, and his 3rd place finish did that.  However, after he looked things over more closely, he realized that loss against Bachman was significant enough to end his run.

Now, for my opinion on the events:
First, and foremost, I'm glad to see one of the more liberal of the contenders back out of the race.  This gives me marginally more hope for having a properly conservative candidate. 
Second, I didn't see where Romney finished.  If he did well, the MSM would be blasting that all over the front pages, trying to sell us on how wonderful that socialist is.  The fact that he's NOT out there, tells me he did badly enough that they don't want to talk about it.  WAY TO GO IOWA!!!!
Third, Bachman winning the poll suggests to me that the people (of Iowa, at least) do want a real conservative in.  Unfortunately, I have my doubts about Michelle being a strong president.  She has potential, and I'd certainly take her over many others who are a possibility, but I do have my doubts.
Fourth, this is the best news to me from the weekend, Governor Perry is in.  He announced yesterday, and he couldn't have made me more happy.  He has a solid record of conservative policies, conservative voting, conservative solutions, etc.  As the field currently stands, he's the most conservative with the most experience, and best record.

Please, share your thoughts about the weekend's events, the debate last week, or anything else related to the GOP nomination race.

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