Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ugliness Gets a Handout


Before I go any further, I accept without any hesitation that I am ugly.  Those of you who know me understand this to be true.  

The first thing I wish to mention is a fairly simple, yet profound, question that begs answering:  What makes ugly people more deserving of special treatment than attractive people?  The entire point of the American system is that we are all created equally, and as such no one deserves any special treatment over any others.  To say someone deserves special treatment for any reason is to say that they are a lesser person.  That's one of the largest issues I have with the concept of affirmative action.  By it's very nature, it's encouraging the thought that those benefiting from the program are lesser humans, and as such deserve more than the rest of the human race.

There are several excellent questions surrounding this issue which would need to be addressed as well.  Who determines ugliness?  Would there need to be yet another bureaucracy established for the purpose of determining that?  What will it do to the psyche of the people who are deemed ugly?  What method of qualification will there be?  Where will that line be?  What about the people who fall just on the fair side (pun intended) of the line? 

Once we get past those questions, we get into the social ramifications, the bitterness created between yet another two classes of people, more division between Americans, and the like.  If I'm offered a job because I'm ugly, how unfair is it to someone who is far more qualified, but is just too pretty?  Or too white?  Or too young? Or too healthy?  This is just more classism being created to drive wedges between the people of this land, and destroy any semblance of unity.  Quinn speaks of classism frequently, and has some excellent thoughts.  

How do you feel about the ugly class?  Do you hate us?  Do you want to see us be given a chance to get ahead?  Please share your thoughts.

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