Saturday, August 27, 2011

Zo is no Dummy


I've enjoyed AlfonZo Rachel for a while.  He has a great sense of humor, and watching him stand for his faith, and what he knows to be true about our history, and conservative values is fantastic.  He's gone after the black community as a member of it, pointing out so many of their bad choices, mostly due to believing the lies of the left.  It is well worth watching his archives to better understand what I mean.
This particular episode is from a little over a month ago (7/19/11).  The best part is his correct interpretation of 'Render unto Caesar' which he explains shortly after 3:30.
In this particular video, he is destroying the concept of income tax, and pointing out why it's such a bad idea, why the founding fathers did NOT include it in the constitution, the questionable ratification of the 16th amendment, etc.  It's classic Zo, saying exactly what's on his mind, and pulling absolutely no punches.  My hat is off to you, sir!


  1. You may also enjoy Kevin Jackson of The Black Sphere, as he makes no apology fit the damage the great society has done to the USA and especially the once proud black communities of our country.

  2. Thanks, Superfast. I will have to check out what he has to say.

  3. Alphonzo is great, have seen a few of his video's, even posted a few in the past. The reality is most of what he says (in his unigue way) is all common sense brought down so any level of society can understand. The fact that don't need to be a graduate of M.I.T., Yale or Harvard to get the point he is making. Great post, keep them coming.. Arty (tinmanart)

  4. @Arty - I've enjoyed Zo for a while. He's such a straight-shooter, it's quite refreshing. I'd just like to see him (and others like him) get the attention they deserve.