Thursday, September 22, 2011

200 Murders - 1 Scandal or Is it the Fault of the Guns?


So, the AG in Mexico has basically said that 200 (at least) murders are the result (so far) of the Fast and Furious scandal.  Now, you and I both know that murderers will murder, with whatever weapon(s) is(are) available.  Weer'd has a great pile of examples.  It's an insignificant percentage of how many actual events like it happen, but it's the exact image of what we know to be true.  Murder isn't cause by guns.
So, my question is simple.  If we hold them to the same standard they claim when arguing with us, that being 'Guns cause death!' then what is the logical conclusion?

Step 1 - They allowed guns to be illegally trafficked across the border.
Step 2 - Those guns killed people.
Step 3 - Because it was the guns which committed the crime, the supplier(s) of the guns should be held accountable.  (After all, when someone robs a bank with a gun, it's the fault of the gun store who sold him the gun, or the firearms manufacturer, or ANYONE but the actual criminal.  He's the victim of the terrible evil of being a gun owner.  Even if he illegally owns that gun.)
Step 4 - The fault lies squarely with the DOJ and ATF.  No one else to blame, they forced the dealers to sell the guns in circumstances where they would otherwise not have made the sale, they forced the situation to fall into such a place that the weapons made it to their destination.  They hold all blame.  Not even the criminals who pulled the triggers share in that blame.

At least, that's what I'd be forced to think if I bought into the lies of the antis.  Instead, I see this scandal in a different light.

Step 1 - Normally law-abiding gun dealers were forced to break the law, their own policies, and have unethical business transactions with people with whom they would prefer not to do business.  They were forced into committing commerce against their will, as it were.
 Step 2 - Firearms purchased in these circumstances were allowed to cross an international border, violating a large pile of other laws, again at the behest of those who were pushing this agenda.
 Step 3 - The firearms were sold illegally in Mexico, to the cartels, violating yet more laws.
 Step 4 - The guns were then used in the commission of various crimes, by criminals, including murder.
So this is where my logic takes a turn from what they would espouse:

Prosecute the criminals.  Charge them with what they did, and move on.  In Mexico, that means prosecuting the murderers for murder.  Oh wait, those are the cartels that their own government has allowed to get to where they are.  The police there won't cross their paths.  So, looks like the murderers are walking.
But, where does that leave the DOJ and ATF here who facilitated, and even forced, this to be an issue?

Accessory to murder, for one.  Countless other laws, and international laws, were broken in this scandal.  Those responsible need to be held 100% accountable.  To do less is to tell the rest of the world that we don't care about justice, only agenda.  There are those who say we should send those responsible to Mexico to stand trial.  

I have two problems with that:
1 - The crimes they committed happened here in the States, not in Mexico.  We should not extradite people to other countries for crimes committed here.  They should be charged and prosecuted HERE for those crimes.
2 - We need to lead on the issue of holding those in power accountable.  Sending them off to be prosecuted elsewhere in no way demonstrates to a watching world that we are serious about being an ethical, upright, just nation.

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