Thursday, September 15, 2011

OC: Pros and Co...Well, Pros Anyway

Source (Weer'd has some fantastic posts.):

My first thought about any sort of carry is simple:
...The right of the people to keep and BEAR arms shall not be infringed.
 Emphasis mine.
Any restriction of carrying a weapon is infringing on the right of that weapon-holder to bear his or her arm(s).  There is no twisted logic or convoluted methodology of law-making which will ever change that.  Any restriction is an infringement.
All that said, the movement for open carry has been growing.  The people who are pushing this movement are making great progress for logic and reason.  The politicized results of their carrying openly are having the desired effect overall.
I have been OCing for years off and on.  There are times I prefer it for various reasons, from having pants on which are too tight to allow proper concealed, to other garments which won't allow for concealment, to knowing I'm going to be in a neighborhood in which I'd much rather not be.  The advantages of OC are many, and with a proper understanding of those advantages it provides for the safety of all individuals.  As Weer'd said, the stakes couldn't be higher.  Those of us who carry, do so following the letter of the law, because it only takes one mistake to be unable to properly defend ourselves and our loved ones going forward.
So, without further ado, a brief list of advantages of open carry:
  1. Crime-against-self reduction.  A criminal seeing that you have a firearm on your hip is less likely to attempt to make you a victim.
  2. Crime-against-others reduction.  A criminal seeing that you have a firearm on your hip is less likely to attempt to victimize someone else in your vicinity.
  3. Ease-of-access.  Typically drawing from concealment is slower than from open.  Obviously with proper training any timing differences can be mitigated.  However, in an 'all things equal' world, the lack of fabric between your hand and the grip of your sidearm, the faster you can bring it to bear, and put it to it's designated role.
  4. Comfort level.  When I am OC, it feels far more comfortable than when I am concealed.  I'm a bigger guy, so it's difficult to find that sweet spot which causes no discomfort whatsoever.
  5. Familiarity.  Allowing other people with whom you interact on a day to day basis to see that you are carrying a firearm, and at the same time you are NOT shooting people over parking spaces, or randomly shooting people, or any of the other evils the antis claim, is about the most positive press we can ever hope to have.
  6. Style.  There are a tremendous number of stylish, beautiful holsters being created today.  Personally, I am unable to find one, as it seems there isn't much market for my pistol of choice.  However, many weapons have many options for carrying, and with the right accessories, it can really compliment an outfit.
There are many many many more pros than this.  Share what pros you consider to be important, or key in your decision making process.  Do you OC daily, or just occasionally?  Are you prepared to deal with accidental OC?
Share your thoughts!


  1. Great thoughts Redeemed Boyd

    I would add to #5 -- that people you don't interact with but observe you can see that you are doing the things they are without shooting up everyone.

    Concealed Carry is great but there is no way strangers can be normalized to the presence of a concealed weapon. Much harder to argue "normal people don't carry guns" when a large segment is doing that while shopping next to you, getting their hair cut in the next chair over, picking up pizza or wings, etc.

    As for as #6, I'm not sure if I've caught what you normally carry.

    Have you talked to Michael at ?

    I have met him and his wife Jennifer and they are fantastic folks. I've seen his holsters --sweeeeettt -- and I know that he is willing to work with his customers.

  2. Thanks for the tip Bob. I had looked through his before (found him through our wonderful blog community). Sadly it doesn't appear that he has anything specific for my Walther P99QA. Some things he has would work, but I feel that if I'm going to spend that money, I'd prefer something which is tailored to fit that specific piece, rather than a size range.
    I know Dennis ( has some nice holsters as well, but he also doesn't have any for the P99. So my hunt continues.

    Oilthegun at youtube posted a video about your 'P3' recently of which I'm reminded. "Perfect Packing Pistol" as coined by John Taffin. The statement he made is "The joy of the PPP is found in the search, not the actual finding." I am starting to feel that way about finding the perfect holster.