Tuesday, September 6, 2011

At Least He Shot Himself For Us


Yet another example of the police and law enforcement agencies being too slow to react.  After a shooter shoots people and himself, they arrive.  After the threat is neutralized, they shut down a street.  After ________ they _________.  Fill in those blanks with pretty much anything you want.  We see this in case after case, instance after instance.
If the police existed to prevent crime, this discussion would never happen.  however, they are a reactionary force, not a preemptive force.  They are unable to prevent this sort of thing.  \
I don't know anything about the shooter at this point, if he was high, if he had mental problems, if he was an escaped con out to get the world, or if he was a normal Joe who snapped, or what.  At the end of the day, that doesn't matter.  What matters is that no one there took the action to stop him.  It could be that none of them was armed, or it could be that he already shot those who were.  What will you do if you're confronted with such a situation?
This is why it's important for us to take our safety seriously, and responsibility for ourselves, and not rely on others for it.


  1. Nice mobile redesign.

    Your opening sentence disagrees with your closing. I agree with the closing though, that it is s tragedy that we assume a paid police force, though necessary, has the capability to prevent or respond to crimes in time to minimize carnage. It isn't possible or practical.

    It is a shame that no one chose to try and stop this guy, but IHOP is a lousy place to launch an offensive, especially if the adversary has high powered arms and you have none.

    These guardsmen were either targeted or trying such an offensive. It is a tragedy that he was allowed to take himself out, but those who fire on tje unarmed are cowards.

  2. You're absolutely right, those who do are cowards.
    So, here's my question, SuperFast, how do my two sentences disagree with one another?
    The first is a comment about the lamentably slow reactions of law enforcement, the last is using that as evidence for the need for us to look after our own safety, and not rely on slow reactions of them.