Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The TSA is Evil


DISCLOSURE:  This post and the link contain graphic descriptions of non-consensual  sexual encounters.  Not appropriate for all ages.

I highly recommend reading this entire article.  I also highly recommend offering any support you are able to Amy.  She did what every one of us who has flown under the TSA should do.  This gradual taking of more power by them, and more denial of our rights needs to stop, and be reversed.  The TSA needs to be disbanded.  They are an evil organization, which takes pleasure in using what little authority it has to sexually assault US citizens, and pays it's employees to do that. 
Not only is that rape, but it's inverted prostitutional rape.  Yes, I made up a word and phrase.  But think about it.  When someone pays for sex, it is prostitution.  When someone is sexually assaulted, it's rape.  When someone is paid to rape someone else, it becomes a new issue all together. 
Don't believe me?  Just ask any of the women who have had fingers and hands pushed "...between their labia."  Ask any of the men or boys who have had their penises grabbed.  This is legalized rape.  This is the dehumanization of the citizens of the USA.
The TSA is a criminal, evil organization and must be stopped.

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  1. This will not stop. You will stand silent while your family and others are molested in front of you. If not you will be beaten down, taken to a cell with bubba and the process will continue, X 10. You will be fined. It will be possible to chalenge in court if you can afford the $250 per hour for representation. Even if you "win" the damage is done.
    If citizens quit flying the procedure will be done at bus stations, and train stations. If the populis takes to the open road the procedure wil be done on the roadside.
    This is about control not safety. Submit or be punished.
    Vey Victus (spelling)
    Woe to the concurred.
    How to stop them?