Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Grandma is Willing to Protect her Own


Bob S. has a great write-up on this incident.  The short version is that there was a robbery, suspects were fleeing, one hid under her bushes, and regretted it.
Fortunately she did not need to actually employ deadly force to gain compliance from the suspect who made that mistake.  He immediately became polite, cooperative, and compliant when he realized that someone protecting their family is willing to do so without hesitation.  He clearly knew he was in the wrong (mentioned that 'the cops are looking for me'), and knew what he had to do to remain intact.
I would tip my hat, were I wearing one, to her, and hope she never is required to take such action again, while taking joy in the knowledge that she is willing and able if she is.
He makes this point, which is the fundamental point of self defense:
She didn’t go out looking for trouble but was ready when it came to her.
That is why we put forth the effort to arm ourselves.  Not to find trouble, but to handle it when it finds us.


  1. Thanks for the link.

    I think that quote you pulled out is exactly why most antis want gun control -- the idea of being responsible for their own safety is not something they want to handle.

    They don't want to have to worry if they will be ready if trouble comes to them -- that is the job of someone else.

  2. Don't forget, the police appear magically and instantaneously the moment you are in trouble, because they have special training which makes them far more than us mere humans.