Friday, September 16, 2011

Ataaaack Waaatch Part Deux - Joking Around


It's good to see that there is a post at the Washington Post ridiculing it as well.  Sure, they attempt to point out the 'motivation' and the 'good things' that will come of such a site.  But let's face it.  They know as well as we do that it's an attempt at censorship.  One which will ultimately fail.
Instead, it's like being on a battlefield, and our enemies have air-dropped a large supply of weapons and ammunition behind our lines.
As I said to a co-worker, the people know what he's trying to do, and won't stand for it.  Her response was that not everyone hates it, the people living on "government money" (our money) love it.  I then said 'Stop trying to depress me. I said people, not sheeple.'
Let's keep the joke going.  Toss comments and funny links here, share the best stuff you can find!
This video (sent to me by a friend) is priceless!

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